Build surveys, checklists and questionnaires for your field force to run using their mobile devices in the field

mSurveo is an innovative software to collect data from the field. Build your surveys, checklists and questionnaires. Assign those questionnaires to your field force. who would, in turn, run those questionnaires in the field at the location of interest, at their mobile device.

You will have total visibility and control over your field force; assuring that questionnaires are run for the right point of interest at its location. This increases quality of the data collected.

Analyze collected data with confidence.

Build surveys, checklists and questionnaires

  • Put questions into sections
  • Order Questions
  • Categorize questions
  • Determine if question is mandatory
  • Determine points of interest to run the questionnaire at
  • Run a question only when point of interest has certain properties
  • Set a date range for questionnaire
  • Determine if questionnaire is to be run only one time at point of interest
  • Scoring
HSSEQ checklist

Various Question Types

  • Single Choice
  • Multi Choice
  • Numeric with various templates (percentage, with/out decimal points)
  • Free Text
  • Text templates like phone, email address, URL
  • Rating
  • Date / Time
  • GPS Location
  • Photo
  • Video Record
  • Voice Record
  • Signature

Full control and visibility over your field force

  • Assign each field force user to certain points of interest
  • Associate field force users to certain questionnaires
  • GPS Geo-Fencing to assure that questionnaire is run at the location of the point of interest
  • Time duration taken to answer the questionnaire at each point of interest
  • View movement log of your field force over Google Maps
  • Find location of each person in your field force over Google Maps
  • Review field force coverage over points of interest

Analyze Results

  • Analyze results of each question
  • Compare results of questionnaire categories
  • Compare results of questionnaire sections
  • Compare results of points of interest types
  • Determine aggregation method; sum, average, median
  • Export results to Excel, CSV and PDF

Mobile Application Features

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Works offline when no internet is available



We are depending on the mobile application developed by quTIP for our field sales team since 2016 until now. The application is very stable developed at high quality. quTIP team is very committed and helpful.

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Wael Youssef
Corporate Sales Administration and Automation Manager / Nestlé North East African Region

I will always refer back to quTIP for the development of any software solution. I really enjoyed seeing my vision and the corporate goals satisfied through quTIP solutions.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions Parent

Karim Deghedy
Egypt IT Shared Services Manager / TOTAL

Enterprise Mobility Solutions Parent