Enrich your field force handling preventative maintenance with tools to automate their operations and enhance the provided service

Whether your field force is handling preventative maintenance for your own sites or your customers’ sites, mTain provides your field force with tools to guide them through tests/checks run at the sites resulting in a unified service level.

Your field force will be provided with tools to improve your service level.

You will have total visibility and control over your field force; reviewing their visit plans, tracking their visits and operations done during each visit.

Define sites, systems, components, applicable tests/checks and SLAs

  • Define sites
  • Maintain full database of systems available at each site including optional components installed per system
  • Define maintenance Checks/Tests applicable for each type of system
  • Define acceptable range for test results
  • Define alarm to be displayed and procedures to be done when test result is out of acceptance range
  • Associate checks to equipment that could optionally be installed for each type of system
  • Associate an SLA to each site
    • Number of visits per month
    • Systems covered

Standardize your maintenance tests/checks and ensure a unified service level by all your field force

  • GPS Geo-Fencing to assure that field force conduct visits when at site
  • Ensure that field force run tests/checks for systems covered by SLA
  • Field force are guided by a wizard passing over all systems at the site to
    • Indicate status of the system
    • Enter results of tests applicable per system
    • Run corrective procedures for each test that has out of range results
    • Run checks over components of system
    • Schedule special followup maintenance visits if required
  • Time each operation done during the visit

Empower Field Force with tools to enhance service level

  • Record Inventory Levels of consumables
  • Order Refills for consumables
  • Take Notes & Comments
  • Review history of visits
  • Followup on status of orders

Manage your calendar and fulfill your SLA

  • Associate each person in your field force to a set of sites to cover
  • Each person in your field force schedules his month visits ahead of time
  • Guide field force in planning visits of the month taking into consideration:
    • Assigned sites
    • Number of visits per month defined in SLA of each site
    • Holidays and weekends
    • Leaves of Field Force
  • Supervisor reviews and approves field force visit plans

Full control and visibility over your field force

  • Review visit reports
  • Send visit reports to site managers
  • Review requested orders
  • Monitor special followup maintenance visits
  • View movement log of your field force over Google Maps
  • Find location of each person in your field force over Google Maps
  • Instantaneously message your field force

Manage your costs

  • Define cost of material for each type test for each type of system
  • Define overhead cost per visit for each customer
  • System will calculate total contract cost
  • Measure profitability per customer


quTIP did an amazing job of digitizing the mobile component of our service business.  Today I am always a click away from up to the minute information about client service visits.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions Parent

Enterprise Mobility Solutions Parent