Automate operations of your sales force in the field and enforce your sales policies

SalesTools is a full-fledged sales force automation solution that fully automates all sales operations of your sales force in the field no matter what your sales business model or setup is; direct store delivery, pre-sales or telesales.; whether you have your own sales team or outsourced. Solution will ensure that all your sales policies are effectively applied in the market and will give you full visibility over your sales force and distributors in the field.

Solution integrates with your ERP; whether it is one of the well-known ERP systems or it is a proprietary system.

Support for all sales models

  • Van sales (Direct Store Delivery – DSD)
  • Pre-sales collecting orders in the field
  • Telesales collecting orders over the phone
  • Own or outsourced sales teams
  • Multi-company
  • Multi-currency

Handy mobile application

  • Compatible with Android mobile devices, tablets and rugged handhelds devices
  • Ability to operate while offline without internet
  • Scan items bar code
  • Print documents while in the field
  • Multi-lingual

Automate all sales operations

  • Place invoices and orders
  • Collect product returns; returned products could be resold depending on return reason
  • Collect cash and checks
  • Take customer signature
  • Load and sell items with lot number and expiry date
  • Load and sell items with serial number

Flexible, Comprehensive and easy to build Discount and Promotion Rules

  • Determine, with flexibility and great ease, customers to apply discount/free goods rule on
  • Apply discount/free goods rule for a certain item or a brand or a product category or combinations/bundles of items, brands and product categories
  • Discounts for speeding payment
  • End of month rebates
  • Set Targets for customers and issue discounts once target is met

Wealth of Dashboards and Reports

  • Customize your dashboards
  • Create your own personalized charts
  • Create your own reporting categories and use them in reports
  • Tons of metrics based on sales, returns, collection, market credit, credit aging, targets, …
  • Analyze all metrics from several dimensions such as customer categorizations, products categorizations, teams, field force, time, …
  • Dice and Slice sales metrics at all dimension levels
  • Analyze trends of all metrics

Control your sales force

  • Assign each sales rep to certain customers
  • Plan daily sales visits of each sales rep and optionally enforce order of visits
  • Optionally order sequence of operations within visits and enforce it
  • GPS Geo-Fencing to assure that sales visit is conducted at customer location
  • Time whole visit duration and duration of each operation within the visit
  • View movement log of your field force over Google Maps
  • Find location of each person in your field force over Google Maps

Distributors Management

  • Support Cost-Plus model
  • Full visibility over performance of your distributors and their sales force
  • Enforce pricing schemes and discount / free good rules on distributors
  • Up-to-the-second view of distributor warehouse and cash box
  • Track distributor expenses in all its forms
  • Approve and reimburse distributor expenses (asset related expenses, general expenses and salaries)
  • Reimburse distributor for price changes and discounts / free goods
  • Track cash transfer from distributors
  • Monitor distributor credit balance
  • Ship products to distributor
  • Receive product returns from distributor
  • Transfer products between distributors


Receive Shipments
Send Returns
Load & Unload Trucks
Transfer Stock


Deposit Market Collection
Pay Expenses
Transfer Cash
Withdraw Commission


Asset related Expenses
General Expenses


Prices Changes
Discounts & Free Goods
Approved Expenses

Merchandising & Surveys

  • Take photos of products display
  • Run stock checks to calculate movement of products
  • Identify products that are out-of-stock
  • Define metrics for sales force to collect per item per customer
  • Build and run surveys
  • Take notes and complaints from customers

Monitor your marketing assets at customer sites

  • Assure that your marketing assets are at customer site and are in proper condition
  • Identify any missing assets at customer site
  • Run checklists defined for each asset type
  • Record malfunctions of assets and request maintenance visits

Full Integration with your ERP

  • Bi-directional integration with your ERP
    • Master data: Products and Customers
    • Transactions: Invoices, Orders, Collection Receipts, Product Returns, Customers debit and credit notes, Shipments to distributors and Returns from distributors
    • Instant visibility over warehouses stock at ERP
    • Load items to sales truck from ERP warehouse
    • Return items from sales truck to ERP warehouse
  • Integration templates for well-known ERPs such as:
    • SAP (cloud and on-premise)
    • Oracle eBusiness Suite (cloud and on-premise)
    • Oracle JD Edwards
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Integration with your proprietary ERP



Hayat is using SalesTools since 2012 as its sales force automation solution. We are very satisfied by the system and the support service provided by quTIP.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions Parent

Mohamed Elfwakhry
IT Manager / Hayat Egypt

Unikai Foods has been depending on quTIP SalesTools system since 2012 until now to automate all operations of our sales representatives in the field. Throughout those years, we have been receiving an excellent support service from quTIP. They are very committed, dependable and helpful.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions Parent

Muhammad Akbar
IT Manager / Unikai Foods

Enterprise Mobility Solutions Parent