Calculate your complex incentives schemes with total ease

ICM helps you define your complex incentive schemes with ease, associate them to employees, run those schemes, issue scorecards and distribute them to your employees.

Dynamic Incentive Schemes

  • User-defined Incentive Schemes
  • Select from a set of KPIs to associate to an Incentive Scheme
  • Weight-based Incentive Schemes; all KPIs are weighted within Incentive Scheme
  • Direct Payment Incentive Schemes; each KPI has its own separate payout

Easily Group Employees

  • Define Incentive Groups
  • Associate employee to Incentive Groups
  • Associate Incentives Groups to Incentives Schemes
  • System will detect the incentive groups of the employee, correspondingly the incentive schemes to apply, corresponding the KPIs to run

Define KPIs and upload their results

  • Define KPIs and their types
  • Define KPI recurrence: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual
  • Upload scores of your field force for those KPIs

Program KPIs to read from external systems

  • Program your KPI to read raw data from external systems
  • Program KPI to calculate employee score using raw data from external systems
  • Program KPI eligibilities

Run Incentives Calculation

  • Run Incentives calculation for whole year, or for a certain quarter or a certain semester or a certain period or a specific period range
  • Same employee could have his incentives calculated various times for different period ranges
  • Map scores to a payout according to a payout mapping table
  • Consider previous incentive payouts and calculate remaining payout

Issue and distribute scorecards

  • Issue Scorecards with all relevant KPIs per employee
  • Have scorecards automatically sent via email to each employee individually
  • Employees can view their scorecards from their iPads and Tablets


Pfizer Implementations

Africa & Middle East
  • Egypt
  • Gulf
  • Levant
Asia Pacific
  • Indonesia
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Thailand

Amgen Implementations

  • Gulf
  • Saudi Arabia


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Olan Segismundo
Hospital Channel Strategy Lead / Pfizer Philippines

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