Empower your marketing field force in the field with tools to achieve better sales and marketing results

PharmaTools is a marketing field force automation solution that provides your field force with a mobile application to automate all their work; manage their calendar, plan calls and other activities, conducting calls, detailing, plan events and invite customers, give away samples and promotional material, run surveys, collect requests and feedback from customers and record their expenses.

Solution is complemented with full fledged closed loop marketing allowing your team deliver continuously enhanced and customized marketing messages.

Review your teams performance through a wealth of dashboards and reports.

One database for all types of customers

  • Define doctors, their contact details, their technical profile such as classification, degree, specialty, … and their academic information
  • Define clinics of doctors, their contact details, their technical profile such as practice size and number of patients, … working hours, and contact persons details
  • Associate clinic to geographical area and record/view its physical location on Google map
  • Define organizations such as hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies, distributors and contract companies together with their contact details, their technical profile, their departments including their contact details, their technical profile and working hours
  • Associate doctors to organizations and their roles
  • Associate organization to geographical area and record/view its physical location on Google map

Manage calendar and plan calls while fulfilling your targets

  • Schedule leaves, group meetings, events, training, exams
  • Divide day into shifts and manage shift exceptions
  • Plan calls while matching customer
    • target frequency
    • working hours
    • location
    • specialty

Conduct all types of calls

  • Group Calls
  • Coaching Calls
  • Shadow Calls
  • Pharmacy Cross Check Calls
  • Distributor Calls
  • Manage next call objectives
  • Collect customer comments and requests
  • GPS Geo-Fencing
  • Android mobiles and tablets
  • Ability to operate while offline without internet

Detailing and Closed Loop Marketing

  • Detail products as per defined detailing sequence
  • Run product presentation customized for customer
  • Enter doctor feedback and prescription level per product
  • Record start and end time of detailing of each product and each presentation and each slide
  • Collect feedback of customer per slide while presenting the slide
  • Enhance presentation based on customer feedback

Full control over samples and promotional material

  • Track movement of product samples and promotional material as they are:
    • handed to reps
    • given away to customers
    • returned back from reps or customers
  • Take customer electronic signature
  • View balance of samples and promotional material with the rep at any point of time

Management of events from planning till launch

  • Schedule events
  • Define target customers
  • Invite customers while visiting them
  • Record attendance

Run Surveys

  • Define surveys
  • Define questions, their order and weight and their possible answers
  • Manage target customers of each survey
  • Run surveys while visiting customers

Cost management

  • Track reps out-of-pocket expenses and approve them
  • Calculate marketing cost per product, per customer, per rep and per team
  • Calculate cost per event attendee
  • Consider cost of marketing material and samples

Manage complex definitions of your reps assignments with ease

  • Define teams
  • Associate reps to teams
  • Relate team to products
  • Define team product detailing sequence per specialty
  • Ability to classify customers per product
  • Assign call frequency to each customer class and override it per customer
  • Implicit and Explicit assignment of reps to customers

Wealth of dashboards and reports

  • Monitor field force activities and compare to set targets
  • Manage detailing material effectiveness
  • Analyze surveys results
  • Study efficiency of preparations for events
  • Assess costs
  • Study all metrics from several dimensions such as customer categorizations, products categorizations, teams, field force, time, …
  • Dice and Slice sales metrics at all dimension levels
  • Analyze trends of all metrics



quTIP provided us with an excellent CRM solution for our marketing field force that satisfies our various business models at several countries. We are currently benefiting from the solution together with the responsive support provided by quTIP team.

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Ziad Yousef
IT Director / Dar Al Dawa

Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions parent